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Ting choisit l'encodeur Genova Live d'Anevia pour son nouveau service IPTV

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Anevia, l’un des principaux fournisseurs d’OTT et IPTV software solutions, will provide software video encoding technologies to Ting Internet for their new multiscreen TV service. Ting TV will offer live TV packages with local and premium specialty channels that can be viewed on a TV or on connected consumer devices. Television services will be available to high speed internet clients via a new fiber network that is being rapidly deployed in towns and cities in the USA.

The service will allow consumers to watch HD content on Ting set-top boxes and on any connected device through the Ting TV app including most tablets, smartphones and set-top boxes such as Amazon Fire TV.

Anevia’s Genova Live, a software-based transcoder that can take advantage of hardware acceleration to provide high density, cost-effective and low power solutions for OTT and IPTV streaming, is at the heart of the new Ting TV service. Genova Live’s lower cooling and maintenance costs keep the total cost of ownership at its lowest.

In addition to Genova Live, Ting will deploy Anevia’s Genova Manager to further streamline system operations and greatly facilitate the rollout of new services across multiple locations, while maintaining homogenous system configurations. Genova Manager simplifies maintenance operations and redundancy by providing a central user interface to the compression and OTT packaging system.

Anevia’s Genova Mosaic monitoring software will also be used to concentrate the entire channel line-up on a few monitors and bring it back in IP to Ting’s headquarters. This gives TV operators a comprehensive view of the services being generated at all times. Genova Mosaic also keeps an unrelenting watching eye in the background and reports anomalies automatically.

“The personalized service offered by Anevia’s team throughout this project was instrumental in giving us the technology and solutions we needed to bring high quality TV to our clients, on time and within budget” said Michael Goldstein, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Ting Internet.

According to Pierre Lauzon, Vice President of Sales, North America at Anevia: “Anevia was a natural fit for Ting Internet’s innovative IPTV platform. By providing most of the essential building blocks, Anevia is able to make a positive contribution to Ting’s modern TV head-end.”

About Ting

Ting Internet provides crazy fast fiber Internet in towns across the United States. We partner with communities and cities to build, light and service fiber optic networks for a digital world. Plus, we don’t just bring fiber and all of its inherent benefits, Ting sponsors local programs, events, foundations, festivals, charities and public services everywhere we go, investing in the future of the towns we serve.



A propos d'Anevia

Anevia est un leader OTT et IPTV fournisseur de logiciels de solutions multi-écrans innovantes pour la fourniture de services de télévision en direct, de vidéo en continu, de télévision différée et de services de vidéo à la demande. La société propose un portefeuille complet de compression vidéo, multi-écran IPTV têtes de réseau, solutions Cloud DVR et CDN pour permettre aux téléspectateurs de vivre une expérience télévisuelle de nouvelle génération - partout, à tout moment et sur tout écran - y compris le contenu 4K UHD. Les solutions ont été largement adoptées par des opérateurs de télécommunication et de télévision à péage de renommée mondiale, des diffuseurs de télévision et des fournisseurs de services de vidéo dans les domaines de l'hôtellerie, de la santé et des entreprises.

Fondée à 2003, Anevia est la première société à commercialiser des technologies vidéo avancées. La société est membre et contribue activement à plusieurs associations de l'industrie de la télévision, des médias et de l'hôtellerie. Anevia, dont le siège social est situé en France et avec des bureaux régionaux aux États-Unis, à Dubaï et à Singapour, est cotée sur le marché de croissance d'Euronext à Paris.

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